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XBotMicro Robot Base


The XBotMicro is a complete low cost lightweight robot base with motors and 3.7V rechargeable battery (140 mAh) ready to carry an Arduino compatible board (even plus a shield) on top. The LiPo allows for autonomous operation of hours compared to cheaper robot chassis powered by off-the-shelve Alkaline batteries which often only last a few minutes.

Motor drivers and charger are part of the design. The wiskers detect obstacles in front and on the sides (+-90 degrees), with LEDs showing the status.

A switch controls the motor power. Bicolor LEDs show the input status of the motors drivers, so you can test your new code right on your desk without having the XBotMicro literally run away.

Two LEDs indicate the voltage of the battery. When only one led lit, let USB recharge the battery for 2 hours while programming or not..

About the XBotMicro


The XBotMicro has been designed and built by Jean-Daniel Nicoud from Didel. Didel also produces its own microcontroller board named "Diduino" which is different from the real Arduino in a few areas.

The Bot offers many direct wiring options as shown in the diagram below (which has been kindly provided by Mathias Wilhelm).


Videos & Pictures


XBotMicro Projects

Please feel free to share your own projects here.

XbotMicro FAQ (Tips&Tricks)

  1. One of my whiskers doesn't snap back all the time after being activated, what can I do ?
    Use a fine plier to bend the lever of the affected whisker a little bit toward the microswitch body so that the movable PCB bumper has more space before it activates the micro. See picture below:
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